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Saw Death Get Cheated Today

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on the bus ride to work today, i saw a guy get plowed down by a van. he was waiting at a bus stop on the opposite side of the road to the stop we were stopped at. i was looking right at him when it happened, cuz he had this case with him and i was thinking "i wonder if that's an instrument". he checked his watch, and then BAM!! this van crossed over from behind our bus to the over the other lane, up over the curb and nailed the guy. sent him flying back about 10 to 20 feet. he climbed back to his feet for a second, kinda wobbled, grabbed at his leg and then collapsed. people ran over to help him, etc. the driver and passenger got out of the van, slowly, which had slammed into a retaining wall. the passenger just kinda stood around, but the driver started walking away behind an appartment building. one of the crowd hunted his ass down and dragged him back to wait for the police and they threw him in cuffs. that's all i saw, as a new bus driver showed up and we were on our way (the original driver had to stay as a witness). i think the guy lived. i heard someone say he was mostly okay. i'll check the paper tomorrow to be sure. if he is alive...he cheated death by a few inches. if the van hadn't thrown him off to the side and instead slammed him into the wall with the van...lights out for sure. i'm guessing the driver was tanked to have pulled a manouver like that. should cut his fucking thumbs of if he was. try drinking or driving without thumbs, douche.

man...it was fucking surreal. craziest thing i've seen in years. threw him like a ragdoll.

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Damn I work at Future Inns Dartmouth, so that's right down the street. I thought I saw some caution tape there yesterday but didn't think much of it... I don't really remember though, I wasn't paying much attention to anything at the time.


That's fucked up. Yeah, he definitely had to be under the influence of something to pull that one off.

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