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Fundamentalists Say The Darndest Things

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Yeah, they don't have to be mutually exclusive (most of the time...). The failure to realise that seems to be the defining factor of a Fundie. On either side. It's less common to be sure (since there's not much to get defensive about) but I'm sure somewhere out there, there's a self-righteous fundamentalist atheist.


And he's probably really annoying at parties.

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I think there's a couple self-righteous fundamentalist atheists in my class... I distinctly recall one saying that "Anyone who believes in God is a fool". Not only is that insulting to the moderately/sanely religious out there, but it's also just really poor debating. Does not help to advance your argument at all.


Also, from FSTDT:


Whether or not rape is a sin depends on how it was done, if it was done in accordance to God's will in order to punish sinners then it is ok. If it is for some other reason then it is not.


Gavinder, Christian Teen Forums [Comments (78)] [2008-Feb-26]


Umm... what?

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