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Was a very good show, one of the best I've ever seen.


The banter was probably the most excited and hilarious I've ever seen from Matt. For the most part the audience, beside the usual "play [random song]", was well behaved. (although someone requested 'freebird', 'some fucking hip', and 'ac/dc')


I was gonna try a set list but then i remembered my memory has gone straight to hell... my goodness this is strange.. i blame the medication.. at any rate he played Prime time deliverance and odette which he didn't at St Catherine's or Guelph. Man I was pumped to hear prime time live for the first time. Gone to so many shows in which it was played the previous night according to you fools! ;)


Highlights include:


-Matt taking a bathroom break where a very confused looking Dale came out to keep us occupied about 4 songs in

-A song about kinder surprise

-much banter about kinder surprise and vicks vapo-rub

-much more hilarious banter

-all the singing which he was in top vocal form for



I would easily say it was the best of the 3 shows I went to this year, most of that may be because at this one i was front rowish and the others i was not..


Very tired.. and evidently my medication kicked in as i should be able to remember the set list!





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The crowd at Waterloo was far superior to the one in Toronto, simply because it was so much smaller here. Nobody made a noise until the last chord of every song was played and it was a nice change from Toronto. Unfortunately, he didn't play a single song that he didn't play at Massey Hall, which was a little disappointing.


All in all it was a great show though. It's amazing what a difference a silent crowd can make.

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Waterloo was an amazing show and had a lot less people yelling things than the show at Massey Hall. I was sitting fourth row at this show and in the front row at Massey Hall


The Setlist: As written on the one Matt had onstage


Intro Firebird

Black Helicopter

Alert Status Red

In It For the Money


Born Losers

Load Me Up

Strange Days


I'm A Window






Intro North American



Fine Art

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