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Matt In Halifax

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Hey peoples! I am new to the forum so any pointers would be appreciated ;) I thought I'd post about the Halifax Show last night (May 22) because it kicked major butt :angry:


It was at the Cunard Center and we arrived to find it a little dis-organized at first. Security kept changing their minds on where people should/could stand to wait and how they wanted to divide people up (age, tickets etc)



Me being a little oblivious and not really sure how the lineup is set up- I walk to what I think is the back of the line and stand right 'behind' this girl who looks at me funny and I say "wow I'm so excited aren't you?" she slowly nods and is confused and asks where I got my tickets and if I'm in the right line, then politely tells me she's in the front and I'd just stepped in front of her. Eep. I was embaressed. So back of the line I went! And waited. For hours. LOL.


After a very long wait everyone got to pile inside and I made a beeline with a group of 7 or 8 people to the very front where we stood for another very long time waiting for things to get going! They played some fun filler music (pink flloyd, radiohead etc.) and finally the opening act "The Spades" Came out. Wowza they were energetic. They reminded me a lot of many east-coast musicians combined like Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, A little Sam Roberts, only a wee bit heavier. During one song the guitarist just figures he ought to be playing drums too and goes over and just loses it on the drum set with the drummer and keeps jumping back between that, guitars, and vocals. They had some awesome outfits on and totally had crazy energy. It was infectious. I tried to get some good photos but it was hard because of the crazy lighting!





Then the stage went black and we could all see Matt's little shadow creeping on the stage that suddenly flooded into blue. Talk about crazy excitement. I happened to capture the whole first song on video and it's posted on youtube under nothingtosing :angry: The first song was Champions of Nothing and quite literly gave me goosebumps.



Now, I had fully intended on going to this show and keeping track of the entire set list, but hoenstly I am so used to seeing him play acoustic that I was in awe of the whole band perspective and kinda lost my focus on that one... but I'm sure some other keeners from the Halifax area will know every song in order! Some that stood out for me were: Load Me Up, Giant (Oncore) all the songs he played from the new album, and of course, his little itty bitty song about Alberta :angry:




He had a sense of humor the whole night and bounced around that stage like a mad man! Poor guy was sweaten buckets and all of us blog readers were just cringing knowing how sore he'd be in the morning.



The show went on for hours, at least three! It was such an amazing experieince you could look around and actually watch people closing their eyes and just feeling it. Also, the bouncer in front of me couldn't stop laughing because the bass was actually blowing my hair around. Yup, the way it should be!


After the show and the oncore my friends and I all piled out and bought some merch and I got myself one of the new nifty hoodies.



Then we all piled to the tour bus where a charming guy was outside 'serenading' Matt with his own music on guitar. (Matt's music) this prompted a little crowd to gather and sing along. My friends and I poured into the tour bus - this wasn't the first time I'd had the opprotunity to kick it with Matt (more on that awesome story later) but it was a first for my boyfriend who was a little intimidated. You know, because I go on and on and on about Matt. Now Matt's a funny guy and picked up on this so I announced to my boyfriend that he need not be intimidated because Matt was a good guy and woudln't steal me from him. Just as I went to snap a picture of my two favourite men Matt swings and arm around and with a devious smile says something along the lines of "No worries man, I'm not into girls" and the expression on my poor boyfriend's face is absolutley priceless (8)



So we all got out autographs, photos, and hugs and ended up in bed with ringing ears at around 2am. Matt was in a rush and cleared out pretty quick- last I heard. We were greatful for the chance to see 'em!




It was an awesome show and I hope others will post more too!

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Hey Wecome to the Bored and thanks for sharing! ;)



btw Blankets is awesome.

hehe blankets is awesome! The last time I got to see Matt (Last halifax show) I gave him a copy of Blankets, because I'm a geek like that :angry:

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I happened to capture the whole first song on video and it's posted on youtube under nothingtosing ;) The first song was Champions of Nothing and quite literly gave me goosebumps.

Thanks for the video. CON sounds brilliant live with a full band.

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