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Pique'n'yer interest

The failure market


By Paul Carlucci


As far as the public imagination is concerned, there's no success quite like failure. Supposedly inquiring minds are parched for the stuff, and no amount of it, no matter how grand in scope and design, seems to slake that thirst.


Suffer the pop singers and movie stars; let them overdose in hotel rooms, meltdown between flashes of paparazzi lightning, wax tearful at the altars of vampiric talk show hosts. Ours to embalm are the writers who sensationalize their own failures, only to be exposed, thus bloating their shortcomings to sizes even greater

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Guest Prosis

It is...but some people become annoyed when celebrities talk about their problems...


I don't understand why though, especially in a situation like Matt where he talks about it to


1-Explain the album's concept

2-To show people who could be stuck with this disease that there is help and that there's nothing to be ashamed of.

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I also don't really buy the author's claims that Matt was trying to promote an album or tour. Just looking at the time frame, didn't Matt discuss his bipolarity months before Hospital Music came out and the tour was announced?


I'm pretty sure the author never read any of Matt's writings on the issue because it's quite clear that he's talking about it to explain and promote the issue. I'm willing to bet that all the author knows is that Matt announced he was bipolar then released an album, not the time frame nor the manner in which he announced it.

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Maybe so, but any interview I've read with Good about the new album has alluded to his disorder in great depth, so while the timeline might not be accurately represented in this piece, you can't blame the author for ignorance; rather, misinformation as presented by interviewers and reviewers.

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