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Playing Guitar Question

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uhhh usually a rattle means that your fingers aren't on all of the notes properly or depending on the rattle, i know that if i leave the lower notes open while i strum on my acoustic, my guitar rattles because of the tuning pegs not being the greatest quality.


i could be of more help but i really dont know what you mean by this:


But I'm finding when I strum some strings, while holding down a note, I get a metal rattle, like the string is hitting the frets lower down.


"some strings?" could you be more specific? when you're holding down a note? an open note, or a chord? when you hold down said "note" are you strumming the other strings as well?

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Also to check is that you are strumming the strings straight down and straight up. If you pluck them away, or push them into the guitar, then the motion of the string will hit some of the frets. Also make sure you aren't over playing. I found I got a lot of fret rattle because I play the strings to hard.

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If you are playing an electric guitar, you can sometimes set the action of the strings a bit higher by raising the bridge. Loosen the strings 1st then back off the top peg under the bridge small amounts to make the strings a little higher. Sometimes this helps, but even expensive guitars can have a small amount of rattle.

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Sometimes if you're not pressing down on the strings hard enough you get a bit of a rattle.


Another tip: if you're holding down the 5th fret, try and put your finger closer to the 5th fret instead of closer to the 4th fret. If you're holding the 5th fret but your finger is a lot closer to the 4th fret, you'll also get a rattle.


Hope you got what I said there lol.

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Yes, commonly its the thickest strings (6th & 5th strings) that rattle since they are a bit closer to the frets, and also because they are harder to press down fully.


The problem is likely either:

- you aren't holding down the fret quite hard enough (and what IamNick said)


- you are picking the string too hard. the harder you pick the string, the wider it vibrates


- something is off with your guitar. you may not have a proper bow in the neck, your neck may be warped, or the strings are too low to the fret-board (this is called "action"). This can all be fixable.


If its an electric guitar, don't worry about it. My 6th & 5th strings rattle a bit, but as long as you can't really hear the rattle coming through your amp then its no problem.


If the first 2 things aren't the problem & you think its the guitar, try bringing it into a guitar shop & just get an opinion if the rattle really bothers you (especially if its an acoustic).

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