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Matt Good Stuff For Sale

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Heres some stuff I've got for sale PM with offers if interested.


At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say - Autographed


Raygun cardboard


Loser Anthems EP two copies


"In a World Called Catastrophe" ( Enhanced c.d. Single) Sealed


Two 2008 tour posters signed


MGB "Strange Days" Promotional Copy Atlantic Records


MGB "Load Me Up" "Single" CD


Live At Massey Hall Autograped



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Hey... Definitely interested in cardboard Raygun. How much and what kind of condition is it in?


Perhaps the singles as well. I have to check what Strange Days and Load Me Up singles I have when I get home.


I'm in Halifax as well and can easily meet up to do sale if you want.

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Hi guys,


Sorry for the late reply .. yeah everything is still available .. you can contact me at [email protected]


I got some vancouver vinyl too if you don't manage to get one.




did u just buy the extra vancouver vinyls to scalp them? i smell a rat.


I hope you're selling the vancouver vinyls/cd's what u paid.

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No I had bought one for my buddy but he doesn't need it anymore he got one on the second pre-order.. and yes I WOULD be asking the price I paid from maple. Don't jump to conclusions, or start calling people scalpers. damn.

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