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Suggestions For Improving Torrenting Speeds!

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It's not really a tweak, but I found the most success in "port-forwarding", which massively increased my ability to connect to others resulting in my speeds improving. Whether that applies to your setup, I couldn't say.


That and temporarily limiting my upload speeds (40 to 10KBps) until a torrent's finished downloading are probably my only advice, and to anyone properly accustomed with torrents, I'd guess that they're common knowledge anyway ?

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;) If you ever do give a shit - an easy one:

To limit your upload speed




Set the maximum upload rate to something small like 10; from what I can gather it basically gives you most of the bandwidth (3/4 in my case) that was devoted to uploading and gives it to downloading, naturally making things go faster.

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There is also the issue that increasingly more and more ISP are using Deep Packet Inspection to shape their traffic. AHHH TECHNO JIBBER-JABBER! WTF does that mean?


It means that ISP's are using technology to look at the packets (chunks of the information you've requested from the internet that are being sent to you) to determine what exactly those packets are part of. Heres the shit-kicker when they detect P2P transfers you get throttled and achieve lower download speeds.


I used to be able to max my torrents at around 500kbs now I'm lucky if I get 300

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Well at least that makes more sense than them just using port based throttling.


Though it just means that it might be bittorrents time. I'm sure a new variant that can mask the packet signature is just around the corner... off the top of my head I can theorize 2 different ways you might be able to trick the system.

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