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I Really Cannot Wait To Get Back To Canada

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This video is not far off from how fucked up the Red State vs. Blue State is down here

"if you say that you are a democrat or you support a public health care plan or you want to help your fellow man, you will be shouted down, cause I've got a gun and if you try to take it away from me, me and the good ol' boys are going to be trouble for you. Have you forgotten? Osama Bin Ladin killed Americans, and George W. Bush, a true patriot who ordered troops to Iraq and we killed Hussein. God Bless America! Now we have to go patrol the Meixan Border and don't think we want be coming up north and get you fucking Canucks next."


I want to get back where the only colour (notice I spelt it properly?) is red. Thank you, later.

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What are you doing there, like ?


Unless you're in some ultra-conservative state I'm blissfully unaware of, I fear you're misrepresenting your host country a tad unfairly. They've got their fair share of backwards nutjobs - no doubt about that - but you make them sound feral. ;)


The first video's not available to watch, sadly...

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sorry, try to watch FoxNews or Bill O'reilly or listen to Rush Limbaugh. it messes with your head, you know?



yikes well there is your problem, jumping right into the nest of non sense.


Lets try not to tag the whole country as bumpkins, you do live in the middle of fucking no where. I've heard plenty of Canadians that spout racist republican values.

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i can only speak for the state of texas, but i assure you - we're glad to see you out of the us and back where you belong.


as for fox news or rush limbaugh messing with your head - your head is already a fucking mess. if you don't want to hear the conservatives rappin on tv, change it to cnn or headline news or, you know, ANY OTHER NEWS CHANNEL THAT ISN'T FOX. fox is all the conservatives have, 'cause you libs be too busy monopolizing the cable news channels when you should be out with your signs protesting war and abortion and the cutting down of trees.

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Liberals protest against abortion ? People who watch Fox News are obviously going to have their views of America distorted unfavourably.


I am American and a proud Liberal. Bush drove our nation in to the ground, and I lost most of my 401k and IRA thanks to him focusing more on war, then national economy crisis.

Not even Ireland have an Irish Republican Army anymore, to be fair - though you have my sympathies. ;)

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no. they don't. god, nevermind! i meant to say cheering on abortion, but its harry potter weekend on abc family. i was distracted. that'll teach me to try doing two things at once. sigh.

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