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Song With Most Thought Provoking Lyrics/music?

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hmmm... I think "Sort of a Protest Song" is really a thinker.... it's really deep and really beautifully done. Plus there's the strings and all.... which always puts me into a bit of a trance and gets me thinking... yah know?

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- Suburbia. When I first heard it, the music was so beautiful, that I was thrown off guard when I actually listened to the lyrics. Kind of haunting.


- Prime Time Deliverance. "They found her in her room, wearing a pink bunny suit, in sour cherry lipstick, hanging from the closet door. Her eyes were wide, maybe to despise, maybe just to look into your headlight morning glow." Chilling. (The last line of the song is, "She says the best thing you can do is hang around a while..." I don't know if that has any connection to the suicide line, but I always thought that was spooky.)

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