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Words To Deaf Ears

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I had the opportunity to see a brief news report today on the recent Osama Bin Laden tape. Now to state a fact I disagree with terrorist actions. I do however find some of the things Bin Laden said (or what they where translated to) to be interesting.


For an article not as good as the news report, but with some info:



"Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands."

This is a statement we have heard repeatedly, that the 9/11 attacks where not cause be an outright hate of western values and life, but that they where the result of the constant intervention and meddling conducted by the US. Despite the fact that in the tape Bin Laden clearly identifies his motives, the response of the US president was that "Americans will not be intimidated or influenced by an enemy of our country." What I find interesting is that Neither Bush nor Kerry address the underling statement, both used rhetoric about stopping the terrorist but neither suggested a method to ease the root cause.


I find it disgusting that the most powerful country in the world has leaders who willingly use and abuse other nations for there own gains. I find it more disgusting that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the cries for change (or at least those cries which are conducted in a peaceful way), and simply dismiss the entire problem on one, however grievous, act. Why is it possible to just discount the reason, to just attribute it to fundamentalism. To in essence demonize an entire religion for the sake of not admitting that the US has in past, and will in future use these people like resources. Admit not responsibility for the attacks, but responsibility for the reason.


If the US wants to make any head way against terrorism they must first remove its reasons, not its perpetrators. If the US eases tensions between itself and certain middle eastern countries. If they stop using and manipulating the entire region for there own gains. They will make the world a safer place.


What I'm trying to say here is: Why do I see these facts so clearly, yet the American people seem to be blind to them. Why do I see that every action they take in the middle east, if it was taken against them would infuriate them. Why do I see them pulling the strings and making the puppet dance, and wondering why the puppet doesn't want to play anymore.


Food for though.



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The reason that most Americans dont see these facts is because they have been duped into a state of false freedom and security that doesnt actually exist, as they are being screwed out of personal freedoms just to hold on to that image of being safe for just a little bit longer. The great American dream, if you will.

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good post.


What i have found hilarious is that Bin Laden, even before the 9/11 attacks, has said most of this Arab hatred of the West comes from them coming in with their military might on Muslim territory, killing innocent men, women, and children with no regard.


And yet the first thing Bush/the U.S. does is plow their military might right back into Iraq. The US just doesn't get it. It doesn't mean that they shouldn't fight these terrorist, but it just shows that they don't understand what the hell is even going on.


Bush always said stuff like "The terrorists are evil. Bin Laden is evil. They hate us and our way of life."


Has Bush, or anyone else, ever took the time ask "why" they hate us?


i hate sounding like a Bin Laden sympathizer or something, but the North American media really puts a veiled spin on Bin Laden. He's not evil. Well, no more evil than any other military going in and killing innocent people for a cause. Bin Laden is not a madman. He is an intelligent thinker and has a logical mind. And he sees something he doesn't like, and is doing his best to fight the forces he feels are causing him harm. Not much unlike the U.S. and the rest of the world right now. its funny how both sides are so similar.

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I agree with you. I think sometimes it's all to easy to simply dismiss the act as the work of a madman. It takes far more guts to look at yourself critically and admit that you are the cause of the problem.


I don't like sounding like a Bin Laden sympathizer either. I disagree with his choice of actions entirely. However, unlike a large part of the American populace, I disagree with most acts of war.


A though occurs to me. Is it that the American people lack a sense of empathy, or is it that they truly believe that they are helping these people. Bush believes the world is better because of the war in Iraq. He believes that Afghanistan is better off since they conducted there war there (which is partial true, since the Taliban was responsible for many human right atrocities. However, the US removed the government, and then left the country war torn. They are governed regionally by who ever has the firepower. It not the greatest improvement). I mean do they believe that the people in the middle east are blind to the fact that US intervention doesn't come unless the US is getting something out of the deal? Why do you think the US hasn't gone into Dafur? There's not oil there.


The US is conducting a war on terror. But you can't end terrorism by destroying its leaders. Terrorism exists as an ideology. It is a hydra. You can cut off its head, but a new one will grow in. To win against terrorism you must eliminate the reasons for terrorism. You must do your best to make amends for all of the tension you have caused. You can't win the war on terror with guns an armies. Your enemy will only become stronger.



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Even if they get him, it's not like Al-Qaeda is going to just wither away. Bin Laden has become to terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists what Che Guevara was to communist rebels 30 years ago.

exactly. i think of the similarities of Bin Laden and Che Guevara all the time. Once Bin Laden is dead, he will become a legend and young muslims everywhere will be walking around with Bin Laden T-shirts on.


this war on terrorism is screwed up, and will be hard to win. It will never be won, but only supressed until it becomes as minor problem as possible. Its like trying to stop all murders, its impossible. you can't stop every single individual out there.


i think they must cut off the terrorist funding as much as possible. Take away their money and they can't buy weapons, nukes, equipment, training etc. Also gotta stop countries who fund or harbor terrorists.


ahh what a mess.

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