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Dan #2

Fredericton Nb Playlist

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don't know if anyone cares, but here's Fredericton's Set list


Set List:

1. Apparitions (acoustic, solo)

2. Weapon

3. Put Out Your Lights

4. Poor Man’s Grey

5. Fell In Love With A Bad Idea

6. Alert Status Red

7. Everything Is Automatic

8. The Rat Who Would Be King

9. Hello Time Bomb

10. Load Me Up

11. Under The Influence (with random, extended ending with words I have never heard)

12. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

13. Near Fantastica*

14. Carmelina*

15. Empty Road*


(* denotes Encore)


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Kick ass set list. But i dont think thats any more than in hamilton. We got x-rated and buffalo seven instead of fantastica and under the influence, we in hamilton also got cant get shot in the back to end off the encore.

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wow... i'm sure "under the influence" sounded great...


did you guys noticed that Matt finally played many songs from the audio of being in this section of his tour? It is just great, specially because that is my most favorite album ;)

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i wish he'd played Can't get Shot... and Buffallo Seven. A lot of the songs did merge, but i didn't have room to make notes on that. Under The Influence was pretty different. He made those 15 into an hour and forty minutes. Blue Skies... was over ten minutes, it was my highlight of the show

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I wonder if the extended ending for Under the Influence is the same as the one during the Avalanche tour.


The Audio Of Being songs that he's played live that I know of are:

Carmelina (Put Out Your Lights Tour)

Tripoli (2002 tour)

Avertising On Police Cars (2002)

I think he played Fall Of Man in 2002 but I haven't heard it

Under The Influence (Avalanche and POYL tours)

The Rat who Would Be King (POYL tour)

The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production (POYL tour-I still haven't heard this)

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