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Van Helsing

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Hah. So anyway, this movie seriously rocked. But I have a weird taste in movies (e.g., Zoolander IS the best movie ever made. Possibly). I completely loved the cheesiness of it. Like combining every classic horrorish movie ever made, with better looking people, bad Transylvanian accents, and corny lines made a movie that is now #4 on my top five favourite movies. Hurrah.


So, if you don't like silly, cheesy movies, then I don't suggest you go see this. If you loathe Kate Beckinsale with every fibre of your being and hate cheesy movies, REALLY don't go see this. However, if you're willing to stomach her and like cheesy movies, then I seriously recommend it.


And if all else fails, at least Hugh Jackman is pretty.

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Yes I agree I love that movie. I thought that the CGI (Especially the Werewolves) was awesome and the story was cool, yet I agree it was cornier than....uhhhh...corn?and had memorable characters

Haha the monk was awesome.


"You know I am technically not a monk"


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