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a girl called catastrophe

4 Minute Mile & Reliance

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Reliance is a poem. Same thing with 'should've been a super villain'. No drums or guitar parts were made for 'em.

I'mm almost 100% sure that Should HaveBeen a Supervillain.. has music to it.. didnt he say MGB was going to record it, but because they were pressed for time in terms of finishing and releasing Underdogs, they decided against it. Wouldnt that mean.. there is music for it??


Unless of course, it would have been his gangster rap single.. with a beat made up of someone tapping a pot with a spoon ridiculously fast and in a fun catchy manner.


Sell the Kids To K-Mart!

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Oh, i've got gmail, but thanks for the offer ;)

(if you want to give them away, just post it in the marketplace, someone's always looking for gmail)


I am sending you 4 Minute Mile, although it is of low quality, i think it's the only version

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