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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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yet another reason for me to not go to the movies.


as if i didn't have enough...


just read the book already. books are almost always better. i'd say always, but you know... some movies actually do the book justice. rare, but yeah. and some things were written as a script in the first place...


never mind.


i haven't seen it, and i don't intend on seeing it.

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hey, you're entitled to your opinion.


i think some pretty lousy movies are pretty good too.


but the titles escape me. ;)


i guess it's because i'm not humble enough to think i have bad taste.


well, dodgeball was pretty stupid, and i liked that...


zoolander was just pathetic. stupid beyond belief. if i got a penny for every time i laughed during that movie, i'd be lucky if i got a quarter to call my friend up and tell him how much his taste in movies sucks.


wow. i'm off topic once again. what a surprise.

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I wasn`t to fond of it simply beacuse they never had a target audience, it could be for kids, but then why are people dying in every other scene, and it`s almost to fake to be make for adults.


aswell jim carey, although hes a hillarious man, his characters where all just typical Jim.


The good side of the movie was the young actors/actresses, they`re where amazing in my opinion.

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zoolander was just pathetic. stupid beyond belief.



I mean, I know it's stupid, but that's partly why I adore it. Ben Stiller reached the zenith of his hilarity in Zoolander, in my opinion.


But differing opinions make the world interesting. ;)

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