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Jenn Good Web Address

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Nah, too late for that...


you should have seen what was posted earlier.


I can't at all blame the Goods for deleting that

Hmm... I didn't see anything. When I woke Sunday, his "new" blog was down. Did he fuck off again?

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It's really not just Scot though. He actually said on another board that it wasn't him, but the name on the post was Scot and it had a certain charm so one would naturally think it was him. Maybe I jumped to a conclsuion.


Howiepea, I love your avatar.

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On which board did Scott deny the accusation that he posted on Jenn Good's Blog? What I found sort of wierd was the fact that he listed a web address in his first post that wasn't right and then posted another entry with the right address. Maybe he was drunk or maybe there was a Scott imposter. Hmmm... A Scot imposter... devious.

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It was on The Idiot Box where Scot said he never posted on Jen's blog, which he repeated here.


There was a Scot who posted in her comments, but he claims it wasn't him. I'm just going to take his word for it because he was quite adamant that it wasn't him.

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