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Taken From Wikipedia...

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...In recent years, Good has been heavily involved with Amnesty International, bringing Amnesty representatives on the road with him during his 2004 tour. He also has sold a limited-edition jersey on his website with proceeds going to Amnesty, which nobody bought because of its hideous appearance.


There have been various rumours surrounding the release of a Best Of album and of a possible cross-country acoustic tour. There are also several rumours that Matthew Good suffers from anxiety disorders and hypertension. In recent months, Matthew Good has gotten into several arguments with fans and non-fans about his highly publicized views on several political issues, including the War in Iraq and his affiliation with Amnesty International. When Matt Good argues with those who question his beliefs, he has been known to throw childish tantrums and act like a drama queen. Rumors have also come forth that the reason that the Matthew Good Band disbanded was because of Matthew Good's oversized ego...


Well, I guess Bobby Good will get a sword and commit harakiri if he sees this.

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I'm just saying that if that is true, there should be some quotations of people expressing that position against MG... i would send my name and my quote saying that what is written in that entry is not true, and i would be able to support it

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Yeah honda, you're pretty fucking creepy. Are you the kind of person my mom warned me about?


An that article isn't really fair. It's not really wrong either, but it's not really a fair thing to put out there. There's more too than his acting out. A lot of people forced it out of him, yet somehow that part is neglected in the article.

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Yep, it's not complicated or creepy. Windows comes with a utility that can do it, too. Open an MS-DOS window and type in "tracert" and the ip address. Voila.


But that doesn't mean I'm not the person your mom warned you about.


Here, have a lollipop. lollipop.gif

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