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Anyone else here play/enjoy some jazz every now and then? I recently started jamming with friends after school, and I'm begining to really get into guys like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane. Nothing on MG, but these guys have to be some of the most talented musicians on the face of the planet. Anyone agree, disagree? I just thought that most of the talk here was confined to modern rock. Anyhoo....... B)

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Miles Davis.... *drools* sweet sweet Kind of Blue. one of the greatest albums of all time. i wish i could play jazz, im learning music theory here and there, and modal when i can.. it's difficult stuff tho!

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At school, it's a really great brek from the rest of the day.


Anyhoo...good albums? I'm just getting into this myself, but so far my favourites are:


'Milestones' - Miles Davis

'In This House, On This Morning' - Wynton Marsalis Septet

'Blue Train', - John Coltrane

'Changeless', 'At The Deer Head Inn' - Keith Jarret

'Brown Eyes' - Clifford Brown

'Monk on Monk' - T.S. Monk

'Bird and Diz' - Charlie Parker

'Time Out' - Dave Brubeck


There's also a good list here.

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