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S.E. Hardy

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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lol good point


I just watched the trailer (couldnt before [email protected] school) and that looks halarious lol

like when the guy hits his head on the way down the stairs, I've done that more times than I can remember ;)


Is that robot w/ the big head the Manic depressed one? (Cant remember his name)

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Marvin the Paranoid Android (voiced by none other than the amazing Alan Rickman) is his name. I think he looks great, considering they had to put a person inside of it, that rather limited their options of the shape. And, too, I think that Martin Freedman will be the *perfect* Arthur Dent.

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No (in-a-life-is-worth-it-step-away-from-the-ledge-voice) the actor, Alan Rickman, who ALSO plays Snape is Marvin's voice.


You see, that's how it works with actors... they play lots of *different* roles...

what are these...actors you speak of??


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