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For those Smashing Pumpkins' fans, Billy Corgan will release his solo album next month. Info from his webpage (http://www.billycorgan.com/news050428.html)


He will tour too around some countries (including Canada and Spain) to present his album.


Hope I can go to Barcelona to see his concert.







Billy Corgan will embark on a world tour June 1st in Portugal in support of his debut solo album TheFutureEmbrace, due out June 21 on Warner Bros. Records. Over the course of eight weeks, the modern rock pioneer and his band will visit intimate venues in 11 countries--the U.S., Canada, Portugal, England, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, and Spain--before wrapping at the end of July. The itinerary includes two-night engagements in such cities as London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, his hometown. Fans should expect a vibrant aural and visual experience that reflects the panoramic sound and push-and-pull tension of TheFutureEmbrace album, which features the upcoming single and video "Walking Shade."


TheFutureEmbrace was produced by Corgan along with Bjorn Thorsrud and Bon Harris, mixed by Alan Moulder and recorded in Chicago. The album contains 11 Corgan originals plus a cover of the early Bee Gees classic "To Love Somebody," which dovetails with Corgan's own themes of devotion and features Robert Smith of the Cure on backing vocals. Elsewhere, former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin plays on "DIA."


Some confirmed tour dates are as follows:


Wed 6/1 - Lisbon, Portugal - Aula Magna

Sat 6/4 - Barcelona, Spain - Apolo

Mon 6/6 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz Club

Wed 6/8 - Gent, Belgium - Vooruit

Thu 6/9 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso

Fri 6/10 - Paris, France - La Cigale

Sat 6/11 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall

Wed 6/15 - London, England - Forum

Thu 6/16 - London, England - Forum

Fri 6/17 - Dublin, Ireland -The Ambassador




1. All Things Change

2. Mina Loy (M.O.H.)

3. TheCameraEye

4. To Love Somebody

5. A100

6. DIA

7. Now (And Then)

8. I'm Ready

9. Walking Shade

10. Sorrows (in blue)

11. Pretty, pretty STAR

12. Strayz


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Me neither, I havent heard it yet... I was listening to some radio stations to see if they played it but they didnt, and I've also tried to download it from the Internet but it is not there either...


I also hope this is good... I really liked the Smashing Pumpkins

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I read in the magazine "New Musical Express" that Billy Corgan defined his debut solo as "closer to the S.P. than to Zwan"... I'll prefer it if it's this way! ;)

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I even checked in his webpage (www.billycorgan.com) but I can't find any link... maybe I'm not looking properly... if you find it, please let us know here ;)

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Guest Bimbly

two of the songs from the album (walking shade and a100) are avaliable on billy corgan fansites. theyre pretty dark sounding and more then a little electronic. catchy though... a depature from zwan but maybe more along the lines of adore by the pumpkins.


edited to say that is one of the worst album covers ive ever seen.

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thanx, buddy, for the link to allow us to download that song...


I listened to it and I liked it (guess it is because of that combination of electronic thing you mention)... I expected it to be more (as he says in an interview) "rock-kinda-song" but I guess it is just one of the songs of the album and we will have to listen to it completely

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I have A100 and it isn't bad. It has that electro-Pumpkins thing going on. If you liked Billy electronic meddlings before you will probably like this.


Billy Corgan - A100

Thank you kindly, Sir.


I LOVE the Smashing Pumpkins, but i hated Zwan. I think odds are that i will like this album, but i have to agree with whoever said it. Worst album cover ever.

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The video for Walking Shade is up at Launch.com, and it is alright. Classic Billy Corgan, but I must say I hate this style of video, with lots of computer animated stuff happening...Franz Ferdinand and the Hip did it recently, and I find the videos don't really get the idea across clearly.


Whatever, go watch the video...

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I just watched it: I liked it. This song DOES really reminds me of the S.P. ;) YAY! :angry: althought I must admit that I like A100 more so far...


and the video is ok, i like this animated kinda videos

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I was searching in the Internet to see if there are more songs from the new album and I have found two more:


- Hammer and Nails (it is ok)

- AOA (as good as A100, i love this one!)


the single is also "out there" although I have only found a radio ripped version


Edited: weird... hadn't noticed that and I started to write and it has allowed me to post another message right after my last one... thought we couldnt do that ;)

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Juanpe, any way to hook us up with the new stuff you found? I'm going to be looking on my own anyway, but it would be cool to get it without the hassle.



EDIT: Did you mean "DIA" and not "AOA"?

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I dont know a way to post it somewhere as you did, captainrocket... the only thing I can do is to place it in my stuff to download/be downloaded from the Hub (my nickname there is Juanpe), so later this afternoon I will be connected and you can get the songs from there, ok? more than willing to share it with you, people


The title of the song I got from the Internet is "AOA", maybe it is wrong and someone spelled it wrong...

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