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While We Were Hunting Rabbits

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Do videos have to relate to songs?




Havent you seen videos?


Every one of them has to do with the song. Every single one.


I havent ever seen one video that was random, and had nothing to do with the lyrics, and instead was a way for the director to try and be artistic. I mean, damn art. Damn creativity. Damn metaphors and hidden meanings.

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Not sure if it's already been asked, And I didn't want to start a new thread on it, but what's the deal? Where do you see the video?


The music videos section has the 16 Good videos, but I can't find Rabbits anywhere. I've been really stoked to see it, too. I must be overlooking something, so your advice would be greatly appreciated.





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i've said it before, i'll say it again... the video's somewhat neat, it's got a lot of detail and it relates loosely to the song, but i find it really underwhelming. i was expecting so much more for my favorite song; the concept is so simple.


but maybe that's what's attractive to some people?


oh. and it's the asterisk (*) next to commentary on/off, drowningorwaving.

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Thanks, Jeff. I had no idea whatsoever before. Yeah, the video is cool, but doesn't relate that much. Reminds of of that really really awful video Linkin Park made for "Breaking The Habit"... what a piece of shit that was.


Yeah, Rabbits is much cooler.



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