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olp suck. their new guitarists style is really indicative of the direction olp went in. youknow, wearing all black and playing boring , seemingly non-existent guitar.theyve turned into kiddie rock.


that being said, im goin to the concert. my brother won tickets from some contest he doesn't remember entering. i hope theres atleas tone good opening band

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ill be there..

im gonna sport my happiness t-shirt.. ;)


think theyll be available after the show to hangout with for a bit??

OLP is the only band whose cds i own..

that arent autographed.

wow. how many CDs do you own?

14 OLP

15 Moist/David Usher

18 MG/B

4 Alexisonfire/Dallas Green

6 Incubus

7 Linkin Park lol yes im lame

2 arcade fire

6 coldplay

2 the music

1 three days grace

6 i mother earth

4 tea party

3 big wreck


Big Shiny Tunes 3-4-5-6-7 *but those dont count because theyre compilations


ya i dont own many

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there's 14 OLP cds? wow. i guess you got some promotional singles in there, then.


i'm jealous of your signed coldplay and arcade fire CDs.


Naveed, Clumsy, Happiness, Spiritual Machines, Gravity, Gravity Ltd Edition, Live, Healthy in Paranoid Times



4-Track Live Promo CD, Life, Clumsy, Somewhere Out There (2 versions), Innocent

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