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I Got A Hand, So I Got A Fist, So I Got A Plan

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The score so far.


1 point to Mrs Jesus for correctly identifying the second lyric.

Bonus point to manfromharoldwood for accepting my original post at face value and arguing the logic behind it.


There still remains 1 point for identifying the source of the first post and the connection to Modest Mouse.



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I ain't quite the beauty. Pulls out two guns and shoots at the pretty, pretty pure white-- Gotta keep thinking, things, hunters and kings. To block out the view.



They don't sound that much alike.

And 1 point to mrjones. (+1 for living on Vancouver Island.)

You did however fail to correctly guess their connection to Modest Mouse unfortunately. The correct answer was not that they sound alike, but rather that Isaac Brock produced Apologies to Queen Mary.


Thanks for playing!

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