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5ilent Narcotic's Upcoming Release

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Hey all.


I wanted to spread the word a bit.

A year ago I made what pretty much would be called a record (I call it a musical resume of different genres I can work with and so on in addition to my talent in creating music).


Anyway long story short, this is somewhat of a follow up, but the thing is its more so a remix cd from that original release with the addition of at least 1 new song, likely a second to follow. I have various bands remixing tunes for me as well as some I've done myself.


I put the new song/single on my myspace page for all to have a listen to it. So please take a listen, info about getting a hold of the cd will follow later around the beginning of December, I just wanted to know who would be interested for now. (it will be cheap but packaged up as it should be).






Thanks for checking it out in advance.


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So this is a record of remixes in addition to original work? I remember your earlier stuff, remixing MGB songs and heard bits and pieces since then. So far I've liked what I heard, including a Thrice song I've found somewhere.


Sounds like it would be interesting.

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The remixes are from like 6 songs from my small release I made up which are pretty much better songs than the others.


Other bands are remixing the tunes along with a few I remixed, there will be no remixes of work I did for other bands on here. And those MG ones I did like 3-4 years ago are terrible, they should be thrown out.

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