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who agrees with me!

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lol i admit 8 mile really was disapointing, but id rather sit threw it then 3 and a half hours of elves detroying rings n such. but thats just my opinion, LOTR won a buncha awards 8 mile didnt, so i guess everyone likes that LOTR bullshit.

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Well perhaps there was a lot of uselss crap in LOTR (there was, i just thought the fighting made up for it) but what of the Matrix sequels and how badly they sucked. The CG sucked, the storylines were weak and Neo was a dickwad....the onyl good part was Agent Smith. How about that?

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No, i just really want to eat some hashbrowns...literally hashbowns....non-penis shaped ones.....(screw it i want hashbrowns bad enough to eat penis shaped ones)

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