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American Idol...but With Movies?

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Apperently, Steven Speilberg and Simon Fuller are coming up with a reality show not unlike Project Greenlight. The show titled 'On the Lot' will have aspiring film makers compete against each other every week and have America vote on their favorite short films. Each week will bring a different genre to the table. The winner will score a deal with Dreamworks to direct a feature film. It should debut on Fox in early 2007.


What do you guys think? I'd love to audition for this if it actually comes to fruition.

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I like that idea, but it's really getting out of hand. I saw an American Idol type thing for inventors the other day.

Agreed. I have a hard time with calling it "reality TV" because it... well, it's not real. I.E. with survivor. If someone "disappears" among shipwrecked people, they didn't "get kicked off" - someone ate them. Or they fell in a hole, or whatever.


If it's going to be reality, I want some cannibalism references, at least.


That said, this looks cool.

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I was reading an article the other day about "Lit Idol" in England. Writers submit a 10,000 word essay outlining a plot for a book they're writing and include the first two chapters. The winner gets signed onto a mahor publishing company and some cash or something.

That's none too shabby. I tried to do National Novel Writing Month last year. Nearly killed myself, and still didn't finish. It was intense.

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I think it's kind of cool. The movie industry is just as huge as the music industry, and there are so many singing/dancing shows out there. It makes sense to start having film oriented reality shows. Although, next will probably be 'Who wants to be the next Oscar Contender!" finding undiscovered talent and putting them into a major motion picture. I see it happening.

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I could see that happening. I sure hope Sylvester Stallone doesn't show up and start giving acting lessons though. That would be like him showing up to give boxing lessons on a reality TV show.


Oh, wait...

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