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Mod Club - Who's Going Tonight/wanna Hang Out?

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Hey Everyone,


My friend just cancelled on me last night, so I am going alone tonight. If anyone wants to meet up, email me at [email protected] with a cell # or what you plan on wearing.


I have short (buzzed) hair and I'll be wearing a red/grey columbia jacket and a red backpack.


I still have an extra ticket if anyone is interested...I'll sell it for cost ($41) and meet you at the venue, just email me as per above.





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i found a green p parking lot and we were super early (6pm) so i got parking no problem. you guys weren't kidding, it is hellish trying to find parking around there.


did anyone happen to see some guy in matt's crew completely bail outside on the sidewalk? he slipped on some metal grate and did a full flip. entertaining, but it probably hurt haha.


what did everyone think of the show??

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if you didn't find someone to take that ticket, I will probably stab someone with a fork.

Don't stab me...i'm forkproof, but videotape it and send me the footage ;)


Ya, I ended up selling the extra ticket to a scalper for $20 at the last minute.


I tried to sell it to some guy who wouldn't buy one off the scalpers, but he was CHEAP. He wouldn't buy off the scalpers for $50- and I offered him my extra ticket for $30 (It cost me $40) and he wouldn't take it. What a effing loser.

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