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Marilyn Manson Stuff For Sale

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Ok here goes the list.

Official Releases:


Portrait of an American Family,

Smells Like Children,

Antichrist Superstar,

Mechanical Animals,

Last Tour On Earth,

Holy Wood,

Golden Age,

Lest We Forget,

Get Your Gun (single)

Lunch Box (single)

Sweet Dreams (single)

Beautiful People (single)

Beautiful People (single) Different then the other one

Tourniquet (single)

Remix and Repent

Dope Show (single)

Dont Like the Drugs (single)

Tainted Love (single)

Nobodies (single)

Disposable Teens (single) (green)

Disposable Teens (single) (yellow)

Fight Song (single)

mobscene (single)

New SHit (single)

New Shit (single)

Personal Jesus (single)

Guns God and Government (dvd)

God is in the TV (vhs)

Dead to the World (vhs)

Doppelherz (DVD)

Long Hard Road out of Hell (book)



String Quartet tribute to Manson (cd)

Birth of the Antichrist (cd)

White Trash Volume 3 (cd)

Marilyn Manson Greatest Hits (russian import)(cd)

The World According To Manson (cd)

Bizarre Festival 97' Bootleg (cd)

Manson and SPooky Kids (cake and sodomy)

Anthems of Rust and Decay

Marilyn Manson Star Profile (cd, and collectors book)

Lunch Boxes and Chocolate Cows (cd+DVD combo)

Rock Am Ring 2003 DVD

Birth of the Antichrist (dvd)

Demystifying the Devil (dvd)


About 10 random t shirts, i hoody, Disposable Teens, and Beautiful People Action Figures, two flags,


ummmm.... dont remember what else..... im probly missing some things.

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