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Futuristic Sex Robots - F**k The Mpaa (riaa & Bsa)

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For f*** sakes I hate this network at work...second time typing this up....gah


The pirating will never stop, no matter how much they try. As long as the internet, computers, and copying devices exist we will be able to pirate media. I for one am a huge pirater, but I don't break the law by selling the media I download and burn. I mean honestly do they think they can stop it?


They might be able to stop the Camcorders being in theatres and the cam vids being released, but what about the early Vendor copies that media stores get to showcase a video or an album? What about the screener copies that are shown in advance? What about the fact that almost ALL movies are released in Europe first?


Piraters are everywhere, they are clerks (hehe good movie) in video stores, the programmers making the audio programs and the ripping software, the computer builders, network monitors, security officers, IT Support personelle, even the normal Joe/Sue are piraters. If you have ever let someone borrow a cd you've broken the law, if you have ever let someone copy the music off a cd that you've BOUGHT then you have broken the law.


There is no stopping us, it's not possible. If there is a way to get something for free we will find it.



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If you have ever let someone borrow a cd you've broken the law

Not in Canada.


P.S. Lauren you wish.

Sorry momentary lapse on the whole Canadians can share music deal...oh how sweet it is, we can screw over Americans by just downloading songs off of them instead of each other.

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