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Battlestar Galactica Season 3

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There was no series in 1980. Science can't prove it.


The scene in the episode in which humans finally go full out in their uprising on New Caprica, where Galactica jumps into the planet's atmo and launches it's Vipers has got to be one of the most badass moments in sci-fi history.

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Okay. I have the spoilers for the finale of season three.


Don't read this if you don't want it ruined.


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
* The fleet realizes the Cylons are somehow following it to Earth.


* Tigh talks to Six about it, but their conversation (thanks to Six

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I was right about the Cylons, except for tigh. Intense...that just makes the plot even more interesting...it means the resistance is going to need a lot of explaining.


I knew Baltar was getting off...

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I've been catching episodes on and off of this show since the beginning, but have only caught bits & pieces.


The actress who plays Starbuck annoys me to no end!! ARG!!


Anyways, i watched most of the series finale. Even though half of it didn't make sense to me (since i haven't been keeping up with the series & i missed the 1st 20m of the episode haha) it was cool.


This show is really confusing if you don't watch regularly. I don't know how the whole Baltar w/ the blonde storyline came out. I know she's a Cylon, & at the beginning she kept appearing in his dreams or something. Now she's a prisoner on the Galactica?


Whatever man uhhh Star Trek: The Next Generation 4ever!!

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Yes your spoilers were right. Still gotta wonder who the 5th Cylon is.


There's going to be a Direct To DVD movie released at the End of the summer, that's going to follow the Pegasus before it meets up with the Galactica. Creating several storylines that will feed into the next season, as well as covering a few subjects from the last two.

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