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What do you think of him, with his hillarious observations on politics and everyone involved with it?


Myself, I am a big fan of his. He'll sometimes say something that cuts through the BS media/politics (and let's be honest, they are kind of the same thing nowadays) and say it like it is.


My favorite is what he said recently, "In America, if you're a guy, you can only put one thing in another man, and that's a bullet"


great stuff.

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I freaking love Bill Maher. His show started back up again last Friday on HBO - they had John Edwards as one of the guests, and Bill was really surprised how honest Edwards was with all of his answers.


I think it's great that he has such liberal views. I wish more Americans knew who he is.

Yes! I've been saying this for a while now, after I saw him speak at Wake Forest (Edwards, not Maher.) I'm going to be pretty devastated when Clinton wins the Democratic nomination.

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Yep, they discussed how Edwards is sort of at a disadvantage to be white and male ;)

I know! that was flipping hillarious!


I also liked how he had Craig Ferugson on....lot of funny/wise observations from the best talk show host on tv :angry:



"i want to go on the record of not being part of this, with my citizenship application still in process" LOL

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