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Wintersleep has a new album coming out in early October, titled "Welcome to the Night Sky".


They've revamped their website, but there's not too much there yet, aside from a nearly hidden blog, and a preview track, Weighty Ghost, which has been fairly drastically reworked from its previous live incarnations (which I personally prefer).


As well, bassist Jud Haynes has left the band amicably to pursue other things, replaced by Michael Bigalow. Jud will continue to work with the band from behind the scenes.

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Loel emailed me the other day, and said the way they played Weighty Ghost live just didn't sound good in a recording, and this version fits in better with the rest of the new album. So we shall see how it sounds. I don't like the version of the song as much, but I'm still very hopeful for the album.


He also joked that maybe an older version of the song could make it on their b-sides in 2015.

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So do I.


I've read the new album is going to be as different from the last album as that album was from the first. So hopefully it's still the Wintersleep I love.


They've added some album artwork to the site, which confirms that some (if not all) of the previously heard live songs will appear on the album.


Also, this video (if you haven't already seen it), contains previews of a lot of tracks from the album. I really like the last one they use. Some of it sounds a bit more like Paul Murphy's old band Kary.

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Wow, I just listened to the new album front to back twice. I can tell, without a doubt, this is the finest album I've ever heard. By any band.


Its like it was made solely for my musical tastes. I don't remember ever hearing an album that I liked this much right away. Its absolutely flawless, with every song being mindblowingly amazing.


That said, the songs that really made this album what it is, are:


Search Party

Drunk on Aluminum

Dead Letter and the Infinite Yes

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