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As some of you know, I have, in the past, attempted to launch blogs that talk about politics, world events and general stuff. But I have never been able to keep them updated because, frankly, I don't always have the time to read or write about these things. So the blogs were mostly left empty for many days and eventually closed because of the declining number of visits.


So I thought to myself, if I can't keep it updated myself, why not get other people involved? Since many people on this board have very interesting opinions and are able to express them in an intelligent and intelligible manner, I thought I'd recruit here!


I will be launching a new installment of Symmetry in Man in the next few weeks. It will have the same layout as it used to have (for those who remember). The only difference is it will be on a Wordpress platform so I can create poster accounts.


If you're interested, you can either write it here or PM me and if I get enough people to participate, then I will go forward with the project.


Remember that this is not a personal blog. You can speak about things that have happened in your life but it's not a blog to talk about your day to day life experiences. You can talk about world events, politics, vegetarianism, animal cruelty, human rights violations, etc etc etc (you get the picture ;))

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Both can work actually, it doesn't have to be political. If it's about society or social subjects then yes that's part of what I'm aiming at. ;)


The line of thinking of the blog is "Looking for symmetry in man"

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Cool then, I have my little army lol ;)


Shiri? I know you've started blogs in the past and couldn't keep on writing. Interested?


Other than Shiri we have:


Me, Tim, Meg, Azalroth (insert name here :angry:), Owen


Anyone else?

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