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Dead Space

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This game is awesome.


It is pant pissing scary. Bar none the scariest game I've played yet. Pretty much I'm tense the whole time I'm playing it.


It's pretty much the spiritual successor to System Shock 2. More so that Bioshock. The atmosphere is great. Sometimes the techno music of System Shock 2 is a bit trivial, here, the music is eerie and haunting.


It has RE4 style aiming. And tons of gore. Like the developers were made to study pictures of car crash victims in order to design the models (according to Wikipedia). The whole game revolves around dismembering. It becomes necessary to mutilate the dead, uninfected bodies of the crew too...


The main thing you need to do when you download/purchase this game is to TURN OFF VSYNC IN VIDEO OPTIONS. EA fucked up the PC port by making the mouse slow as hell. Turning off vsync does wonders (I guess my 4000dpi Razer Lachesis does too...).




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YES!!! I popped this baby into my PS3 earlier this week and I almost pissed myself. It is so awesome.


I really don't think there's a more satisfying feeling than stomping on an alien corpse (and having it grab you because it isn't actually dead).

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