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So earlier today I was on my laptop, I went to a web page and read something, then I went to navigate elsewhere only to find that my wireless wasn't working. I restarted my laptop and it still wasn't working. I tried going to the HP Wireless Assistant but it won't open. I think my WLAN is dead. Is there any way to check?

(keep in mind that WLAN may not in fact be the proper term for it but I don't know because I am a computer retard)

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First off unplug the wireless router and leave it unplugged for 10-15 seconds. Plug it back in.

Does the wireless work now again?

Are there any other wireless networks in range that you can try to connect to?

What happens when you plug your computer into the router using ethernet instead of wireless? Can you surf the net?

What about plugging directly into the modem?

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I had this before. Try messing around with the repair function on your wireless icon in the bottom right.


Or touch on/off the blue/orange light by touching it.


For me a random window came up saying there's shit up with your wireless. Enable something and restart. I did and it worked afterwards.

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nothing has come up but it started working again this morning for no reason... but then my printer/scanner wasn't working when I needed to use them so I had to restart and now my wireless is not working again.

*sigh* I hate my laptop!

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