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Another Star Trek Hero Died Today

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Ricardo Montalban, who played Khan on Star Trek and the guy with the midget on Fantasy Island, died earlier today.


First Majel and now Khan. It truely is a sad day for nerds and enthusiasts alike ;).




Hope you're up in that big starship in the sky, big guy.

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Your hilarity is making it really hard to be sad about this.


On a sad note, this just reminded me of my friend's impression of Kirk. She enjoys going "Khaaaaaan!", but with a ditzy accent. Sometimes she adds an "Oh mah gaaawd, you killed muh son" to that. It's....funnier in person, I assure you.

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haha that's right up there with Billy Dee Williams' pimpin' Colt 45.


The other night, we were discussing Kahn's death and I said his tombstone should say:


"From hell's heart, I stab at thee."


We all started laughing, and stopped when we actually realised how terrible that is.

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