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Simple Math Problem I Need Solved

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Yeah, it's a simple proportion.


11L/115Km = xL/100Km


Just in case you wanted to do this several times to find an average, vary your driving style, etc. Solve for x, and as Crusader mentioned, you're at 9.57L/100Km.

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I get 7.5-9 depending on the nature of my driving (highway at reasonable speed is best).


I drive a Hyundai... so I mean I basically have a hamster on a wheel for an engine. This tank I have been pretty aggressive so I expect a dip.

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my 4.8L V8 gets 12.8L /100km in the city



Eh, maybe then. I've been keeping the reciepts and mileage, and was typically running 420km from full to gas light on 89, but this time I've already surpassed 440km and I've got nearly a quarter left on the gauge. Different pump station, may have a different definition of 'full' before it pops...

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