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The New Mars Vota Record, Octahedron

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The Mars Volta are definitely in my top 5 favourite bands, so I was super excitied when a buddy of mine sent me their new album. It's quite different from their other releases, but I think it's most similar to Amputechture in that it's a bit of a slow burner. It's definitely their "acoustic album" of sorts, though a few songs rock very hard.


First impressions: I was a little jarred by just how long and slow a lot of the songs are. It doesn't really sound very "Volta" to me, but my first impression is that I like it, although that could just be my love of the band talking. My picks for standout tracks are Desperate Graves and Teflon (the two "traditional" Volta prog-rock tracks), which are both excellent, and Halo of Nembutals and Copernicus which are a little more chill, but still interesting.


Desperate Graves:



Edit: And I fucking spelled "Volta" wrong in the topic title. Mods?

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I think it's most similar to Amputechture


reason enough not to listen to it. i've DLed the album, but haven't listened to yet. i've no patience for them anymore. all of the virtues that make the band interesting to listen to are completely outweighed by the fact that it's a fucking chore to sit through anything they've done since frances the mute. bedlam had its fair share of decent tunes, but i enjoyed the bonus disc of covers more than the material that they put together themselves. they actually sounded like they were having fun on that disc.


here's a word they should look up before they put out another album: brevity.

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i found this album much more coherent and cohesive than most of their previous material. Unlike bedlam and Amputechture, which displayed multitudes of songs that switched gears too many times to have any real consistency (Tetragramaton could have been at least 4 distinct individual songs) this one seems like the focus was a little bit more directed. I personally really like the album and think that it might even be more accessible than De-loused (not necessarily better, but probably easier to listen to as a whole). The song structures resemble normal songs (shock, gasp)... although the strange lyrics are still abounding (although not as prolific, and are used more as an accessory to an actual thought process) and there is still a little bit of song extension via weird droning noises, it is way more restrained. For me, "With Twilight as my guide", "desperate graves", and "Copernicus" are the stand outs, although "halo of Nembutals" and "luciforms" are the only ones that I even consider skipping on the album.

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they are terrible live. don't do it. also, if this sounds like amputechture, they can suck my nuts.


I 2nd that opinion, I've seen them live twice and I was dissapointed both times. (it was hard to hear the music over the jumble of noise).

Saying that, I still think they have kind of a cool unique sound on their albums. I liked De-Loused, but after that they kind of lost me.

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