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This Game Needed To Be Resurrected.

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firstly... I am a giant douche bag, and have no life


Btw, people do make mistakes, it is part of life.


It has been 15-16 years since I heard The Freshman, and sorry I could not remember the band.


Lets try and be up for 36 hours straight trying to catch up and classes, after missing classes for 2 weeks, because I was very ill, and nearly ended up in the hospital twice.


You need to back the fuck up, and leave me the fuck alone starting now.


There is a wonderful feature called ignored, I recommend that you use it, unless you are to stupid to figure it out how it works.

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I still love Method Of Mayhem, I thought it was a cool idea, but everything Tommy Lee has done outside of the Crue has been really neat, same with Nikki Sixx all of his non-Crue stuff has been a showcase for his amazing songwriting.



Dylan?? Classic good stuff hands down!!!


Megadeth - Peace Sells...

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I really love Megadeth. I used to be big time into them and they were my favorite band for a couple years a long time ago. Holy Wars is one of my favorite songs from them, but I didn't hear it right away. I started out with the Countdown to Extinction album because I heard Symphony Of Destruction on the radio. Eventually I moved on to Pantera but always remained interested in Megadeth.



Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction

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Sleep Now In The Fire - RATM

It's alright. I think if I saw it live I'd like it better.


Johnny Strikes Up the Band by Warren Zevon


Don't know how popular that song was compared to Werewolves of London, and Lawyers, Guns, and Money and but that is the one that just sticks out to me from that album.

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Good song in moderation. It's one of those songs that could get old on you.


trying not to think of shit that is obvious here. It's way to easy to bring up something by the Beatles or Bob Dylan or the Who or things that were more recent.


Sunshine Help Me by Spooky Tooth

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