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Help Me Help Support The Bc Lung Association!

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On June 5th, a friend and I will be participating in RUSH Vancouver, which is an Amazing Race-like competition around Vancouver to support the BC Lung Association.


Instead of an entrance fee, each team has to raise $200 in donations. I would really appreciate if you could sponsor me! If you can't, don't worry about it!


The Lung Association offers support, education & research for a variety of causes, from asthma to lung cancer to sleep apnea.


How to Sponsor Me!

Step 1 - Click the link


Step 2 - Look up Tracy Po. My team name is "We'd Do The Weird Stuff" (it's a Dr. Horrible reference).

Step 3 - Donate!

Step 4 - Congratulations, you just made the world a better place ;)


Thanks so much guys! :angry:

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Done and done


I got it! Thank you SO much, Matthew! Such a generous donation! ;) I'll be sure to take lots of pictures on the day! Right now, we're pouring over the Rush blog, because there are clues to the check points.


I've never done anything like this before, so I'm pretty excited!

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:/ Sorry, I think that's the only way they can process online ones. I can take cash/cheques offline and hand them in on the day...but obviously that won't help in this case :angry:


Thank you very much for the thought, though ;) I really appreciate it.

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haha omg, so that's YOU!


I checked my page this morning and was like "I don't know anyone named <name not included for privacy reasons>" and I was thinking one of my friends used a fake name or something XD


Thank you so much! I really appreciate this, and it's a wonderful way to honour your loved ones ;)

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We did it!


Well, sort of. My team mate and I completed all the challenges we were supposed to, but we were *just* shy of the finish line. Deadline was 4pm and we finished our 10th challenge at 4pm, so we didn't have enough time to get to the finish line.


I now have sunstroke and it's taking a leviathan amount of concentration to write this post.


We raised $610!


I didn't have time to do any picture taking. We were super busy running/bussing from checkpoint to checkpoint. There is but one picture of us:




I don't know if I told you guys what our team name was, but it was "We'd Do The Weird Stuff". Anyone who gets the reference, gets an internet cookie.


So, the challenges were:


1. Go to Granville Island and use a GPS to find a landmark. Then find a landmark without the GPS.

2. Go to Nat Bailey Stadium, get some baseball gear on, and hit one slow pitch. 3 strikes and you have to play that childhood game where you spin yourself around a baseball bat and run. The gear was so huge. and red. I felt like Iron Man.

3. Go to King Edward skytrain station. Find a stranger to play Rock Paper Scissors. If you lose, your opponent chooses what gross thing you had to eat. If you win, you get to choose. I had to eat a shot of mustard. Relatively easy, but I had epic heartburn after...

4. Go to a park just off of Commercial Drive. A Boot Camp obstacle course that required me to crawl through grass with an inflatable dummy. And then I had to peel a potato.

5. Go to Scoop! on w.4th to correctly measure 128g of candy. Eat said candy.

6. Film a 15-30 second PSA about Asthma at the BC Lung Association's headquarters. My speech was as follows:


"Hello! My name is Tracy. I am a smoker. I am what you call an "inciter". This means I induce coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath in any asthmatics around me. To learn how to avoid me and my disgusting buddies, please visit www.bc.lung.ca"


All whilst wearing oversized sunglasses, and tiara and a wand. :S


7. Go to the Vancouver Film Centre, and sound out the movie lines and guess which movie it's from. (ex. "eye see ded pee peel" = "I see dead people" = 6th Sense). This one was surprisingly hard.

8. Go to the Umbrella Shop on Broadway, one team member gets a bike and finds letters. Bring the letters back to the other team member who unscrambles the words. Our letters were "EOSASN". Took us way too long to figure it out. Can you? XD

9. Tangrams across the street from VGH. Figure out the code on the lock, open the box to get the hint and build the image using the shapes given


We only had to do 9, because we found the charity point seal, which was given out to any teams who made more than $500. Everyone else had to do 10 challenges.


There were 20 checkpoints to choose from, 4 of which were mandatory. We took 20 minutes to map out our strategy and it worked out pretty well. I think, had we actually run to every place, we would have made it to the finish line, but my team mate and I have no stamina for such things ;)


I want to, once again, thank everyone here, who took the time to donate. I really appreciate it, and I had a really great time doing this :angry:

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This is a long shot, but still gonna give it one:


Thank you all who supported me. I'm wondering if anyone would like to sponsor me in another urban scavenger hunt. This time it's City Chase and the charity is "Right To Play".


Anyone who's interested in supporting me, is welcome to follow this link:




I'm really excited about this one! Apparently the challenges are way more daring and exciting. There have been things like guerrila nude modeling, rock climbing and really gross eating challenges.


Our team name is "Calm Yourself, Iago." If you get that reference, I love you.

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omg, now I know you're real name! XD


I was looking at my donation notification and was like "Uhh...I don't know this person...?" and then I figured it'd be someone from the Bored.


Your donation is certainly appreciated. That you so much, Dan ;)

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