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The war is over...

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I wish we could sing this MG's song with respect to the Iraq's conflict... I wish the was was over and the conflict was finished... I guess it is something almost impossible with the chaotic situation right now...



The War Is Over


A man once told me that life was like a collage

he said there's nothing much to spies like us

just killing time, that's all

and there are spacecraft orbiting the earth

guided by 90 year old russians that haven't heard

the war is over, how do you feel

and how have you been baby

well she got married and she had kids

and they sear sex and not the bomb

and the rest is just ad libbed

and me I'm waiting for something

that does not come

for something to crack

for something to go wrong

I'm inside out and I'd say


This is where we get off

this is where we do anything we want

and this is where I amuse you


A man once told me that life was lke a collage

he said the truth is not radio friendly espionage

the war is over, how do you feel

and where have you been baby

well we got stuck and we got lost

between good-bye and the chemical sky

and a nuclear albatross

when I sleep, I see rain

when I'm alone, I am in pain

and everything is not the same

as on the big screen

I'm inside out and I'd say

this is where we get off


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I'm tired of hearing about this war on the news. This war i feel was very uncalled for. I am exteremly against war, i think that they could have done it quietly, without the destruction of entire nation. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, they have no weapons. so what the fuck are they doing there?

You think if bush really wanted to defeat Saddam he could have gotten someone to walk into the fucking country assassinate him, without risking and killing this many people!!

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... walk into the fucking country...

excuse me, Samantha, but you should apologize for using those words to name Iraq as a "fucking" country... and you should do it inmediately, you should apologize for such words because Iraqui people are NOT blamed for whatever political conflict there may be...


we should ask your "fucking" president Bush why he invaded such a country in order to get their oil (and I am not gonna agopologize for calling Bush a "fucking" president, because he has given too many proofs to you americans and to the rest of the world that he is indeed that kinda person)

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woah woah... okay, i didnt mean to elude iraq as a "fucking" country.

I was in a bad mood this morning, i apologize for my swearing, i didnt mean to use it in that content- iraq is as good as a country as anyone else's yes they have problems, much bigger problems then most of us could comprehend.I have nothing against the general public in Iraq, I wish it was over for them and for the world.... i didnt mean it to sound like i was disrespecting them.

It's just that this war is so frustrating, and it sickens me to live in a world where these types of people can just go in and destroy a nation... despite what the majority of countries think. It's scary, if they can do that, what else are they capable of?

Bush isnt my president, bush never will be. i'm not a citizen of the states, i dont plan on ever being one. I am Canadian, I always will be. I have pride in the country i was born and grew up in.

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I'm glad you didnt mean that about Iraq... i got really angry when i read your post, specially because the iraqi people were NOT the ones who invaded a country, it was Bush AND those Americans (and British and Spanish people) who invaded Iraq and who are blamed for all the sad news, killings, murders that are taking place every single day in Iraq...


and i ask you the same question as other people: what is a "quiet war"?

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I don't think there could be a quiet war. I mean to say is that if bush really hated saddam that much, why couldn't he have gotten someone into th country to assassinate him... without a war. Saddam is a horrible person, he treated Iraqi's like shit. You think, it could be possible.. who knows. personally, i'm all for peace talking but apparently some people don't think that would work.

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