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Matt's First Audioblog

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i refunded your 10 nf dolla cause i think you can still find it on his site.. maybe? i haven't looked..


edit: i don't actually have refunding power.. i just felt like giving away some nf dolla.

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You know what would be cool? Having something really, really valuable inside of the NF Store. I'm thinking to something equivalent of the Black Lotus in Magic: The Gathering.


You know, give people something they really have to work for. Maybe people would combine their energies to grab the thing so they could share it with everyone.


Of course, I have no clue what this hypothetical download would be.

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I was wondering when he did it though, and if he's done any more since?

I think he probably didn't do anymore because most of the comments that were being posted didn't have much to do with the content, they were all like "of, it's sooooo great to hear his voice again." and the like.

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