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miss new wave

St. Catharines Show

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Well, i was at the St. Catharines show on Tuesday night....and I'm NOT a student....BAH hahahahahahha... ahh connections..


Anyway, don't worry, for those of you who couldn't make it..you really didn't miss anything. WORST VENUE EVER!!!!!! I even heard Matt say after that he wasn't very impressed...he even cut the encore short because he was so fed up with trying to make the music sound right in that crappy set-up. We walked around the entire time trying to find a good spot to watch from, but there were none!


There were a couple funny parts, like Pat starting to play the wrong song...Matt said 'that's what happens when the drummer shows up 10 minutes before the concert...!'.


Anyone else go?

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I think that smaller, crappier venues would be better. It would eliminate the use of high-tech audio-altering devices and give a more pure sound. Of course, the acoustics might make his singing appear off tune and some instruments louder or quieter than others.

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Here's what I remember of the set list:


Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


Giant (yay!)

then in no particular order (b/c i don't remember...)

Put Out Your Lights

Fell In Love With A Bad Idea

Alert Status Red

Little Terror (*was supposed to be Buffalo Seven, but Pat started playing LT so Matt decided to just go with it because it's shorter...lol)

Hello Time Bomb

The Rat Who Would Be King

North American For Life

The Future is X-Rated





Load Me Up/Carmelina



Silverfuck...feel free to add to this if I'm forgetting anything...?

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