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"kelsey Grammar Presents: The Sketch Show"

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The skits are hit or miss, and a lot of the time miss. There are some funny skits though, the one where everyone spoke with bad grammar was hilarious. I like it cause it's pretty fast so when something unfunny comes on it's not lont until it bounces back.

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I liked the one where the guy was waiting for his wife to come home for his birthday and the cops sing what happened to her to him. Also the one where they are filming the adult movie was pretty funny. But last nights was an alright one, but I liked the one last week way better.

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I think its an okay show, but overall i dont think it will be out for very long. I think its a funny british comedy, and the quick skits are always good. I liked the one where a guy was backround person in a movie and he kept repeating "backround noise", when they told him to make backround noise. ;)

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