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i have the german and canadian beautiful midnight promos. if anyone wants them, pm me. they're just sitting in a box collecting dust.

Yeah, funny how that happens, eh? When I was 16, I kept everything in pristine condition. Now I just can't be arsed to care. I put a "Trust Us" sticker on my water bottle last year. It's funny how I have to gaurd the thing with my life...so many people have tried to jack it while I wasn't looking.

5 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamt of actually *using* the sticker. >OMG! I can't do that!< I was a friggen' retard.

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well, my funds are a bit strained now. haha. im happy to let somebody else get those promos. i have the german one, im only interested in the Canadian one, but i really shouldnt, because of how much i have spent!!

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