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March Of The Penguins

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Has Anyone seen this movie?

I just saw it over the weekend at the cheap theatre...







In fact, you know, when I searched there wasn't anything coming up for the word "penguins" at all.


If you haven't seen it, run. Go now and do so. Worth the time.




New respect for Penguins all around.

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I saw it with the girlfriend and loved it. She was bawling her eyes out. Those little babies are just SO CUTE.


I honestly can't imagine the biological determination these penguins must have. Can you imagine taking that walk there and back only to come back after eating and find your little egg or baby is dead? ;)

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Mabey I'm just not that sentimental, but I fell asleep during this movie. Boring!

I tend to enjoy seeing little, cute, baby animals getting ripped apart by gators on the animal channel(J/k) :angry: .

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