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Fave Pro Sports Teams

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so not all sports are on here, only the ones i like. if there are others let it be known


i have never nor ever will change any of my teams. i am the least fickle fan ever, win or lose, im still a huge fan.


NHL - Colorado Avalanche/Quebec Nordiques

NLL - Toronto Rock

CFL - Saskatchewan Roughriders

NFL - Green Bay Packers

NBA - Dallas Mavericks

MLB - Toronto Blue Jays

FIFA - Brazil. hottest women fans ever.

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it's soert of like that for detroit. it's built in. i'm 2 hours from detroit, so there are a lot of fans around here. they think they're so hot. so you won some stanley cups a few years ago. that doesn't mean you're the best team in the nhl...

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hockey: canucks, blues, stars

cfl: bombers, lions

nfl: eagles, seahawks

nba: heat

mlb: reds, cubs



i like multiple teams based on certain players (tkachuk, jackman, weight, and now guerin for st louis then modano, lehtinen, niinimaa in dallas). if it comes down to the canucks vs any of those teams, i will definetly cheer for my home side, but i'll also celebrate if any of my guys gets a goal.

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hockey: montreal

basketball: detroit

NFL: green bay

BaseBall: hmmm... yeah, i just usually skip it since it puts me to sleep.

Fifa: brazil, not only for the hot women, but the crazy names for the players!

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Just cause I live in ottawa doesn't mean I have to like the team.

you and i can watch toronto together. i am a leafs fan as well. i even watch the games sometimes.

Deal for sure..


you had me at your a leafs fan as well.. LoL


haha take that J and prefering the sens...

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You know I like both teams...I just cheer for Sens when it's Leafs VS Sens cause it gives us something to argue about during the game, lol.


Great now your recruiting and she's not even in Ottawa yet...ah well should make for an interesting winter then.

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Guest jsunC

NHL - Montreal Canadiens (go habs!)

NFL - NY Giants, and KC Chiefs are my backup team

CFL - Toronto Argonauts

NBA - Toronto Raptors

MLB - Toronto Blue Jays, when it comes to playoff time i cheer for the Indians

FIFA - England

English Premiership - Manchester United

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NHL - Montreal Canadiens (go habs!)

finally, someone else who know how to cheer for a good hockey team. well one in canada that has won the cup in recent memory.

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