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The "copy And Paste" Thread

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Woke Up This Morning (Detroit Mix) 4:14 Alabama 3 Woke Up This Morning - EP Alternative 100 3

The Honest Truth 4:05 Typhoon A New Kind of House Rock 100 3

Back In the U.S.S.R. 2:42 The Beatles The Beatles (White Album) Rock 100 2

Psycho Killer (Live) 5:07 Cage The Elephant Live from The Vic in Chicago Rock 100

Ice Box (DJ Nabs Remix) 4:01 Omarion featuring Da Brat Ice Box (DJ Nabs Remix) - Single R&B/Soul 100

Spoonman 4:06 Soundgarden Superunknown Alternative 100

Firewood 2:58 Typhoon A New Kind of House Rock 100 1

Claws, Pt. 1 7:52 Typhoon A New Kind of House Rock 100

When I Write My Master's Thesis 3:35 John K. Samson Provincial Alternative 100

Summer Home 5:18 Typhoon A New Kind of House Rock 100

Babylon 4:26 David Gray White Ladder Rock 100

Kitchen Tile 1:29 Typhoon A New Kind of House Rock 100 3

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thought.....maybe they should video stores where you can rent books instead of movies.........."but no Chris!" I imagined a few of you said, "I won't pay to borrow books, I've got a FREE service that lets me take them out for free!" so what is this mythical mystery place you speak of? like a napster? wait...

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walking was good, first, got recognized at Starbux, got recognized at Shopper's Drug Mart, by not stacy bergin, gave her my life story sort of, how i took french in public school from 7th grade to 11th, after she greeted me with "bonjour." and she told me "bonjour" and she tells me that she took french after living in montreal for a few years.

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Oh man, that song, catchy as fuck.


OH! This has been bugging me so I feel I must share- why does she think it's crazy to give her number to someone after she met them?


If you see someone you fancy while you're out, approach them, start up a conversation and what not, isn't the number swap the next logical step?

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The driver checks the mirror seven minutes late

The crowded riders' restlessness enunciates

The guess who suck, the jets were lousy anyway

The same mood every day

And in the turning lane

Someone's stalled again

He's talking to himself

And hears the price of gas repeat his phrase

I hate Winnipeg

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went to starbucks got told by the guy barista, "cool shirt" wearing my sid vicious qoute shirt "I just cashed in on the fact that I'm good looking, I have a good body, and girls like me" -- sid vicious" and dad is here, i just heard the garage door open.

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The baritone is a member of the brass family. As with all brass instruments, the sound is produced by buzzing the lips into a mouthpiece. The baritone works in the same manner as a trumpet but it’s twice the length. It plays the exact same notes as a trombone and even uses the same mouthpiece. The biggest difference is that the baritone uses valves rather than a slide to change the length of the a...

ir flow. The baritone is relatively easy to learn for beginners. The deep beautiful tone from a baritone is attractive to many students who like the sound of a lower voice. Many students who like the tuba start out on the baritone with plans to switch to the tuba after a year or two of band. The tuba is the same as a baritone in nearly every way. It’s just twice the length.

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