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When I Saw This, I Thought Of Colin

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He sent this to me last night, so either he's way ahead of you guys, or he found it from here.

I'd like to claim responsibility, but I definately found it here. So apparently...I am the physical manifestation of pure, unmitigated, bureaucratic evil? Neat. The title fits perfectly above my Death Eater bar, too.


So I see here that I have some deranged, barbarous demon cavalry. So why am I driving a Neon, and where's my invincible murderhorse?

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I always wanted to rig up a home-made cow catcher (read: mad max death plow) on the front bumper.


Edit: There, got around to the avatar.

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Now that would definitely up the Neon's cool points spark. A roof mounted missile launcher would help too.

I concur. I had a whole post a while ago with an extensive list of death-car upgrades. I forget where exactly, but it's probably buried in the journal section.

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