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This Is A Start

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Cover the bathroom with pictures of your friends.


Write letters to people you haven't seen in ages and invite them to stay at your place


Redecorate the street sign so that all traffic will end up in the water.


Steal a map of the city and try your hardest not to follow it.


Borrow someone's heart for just an hour.


Change your identity with someone for a week or two.


Play soccer with 3 goals and no referee.


Cross out words like Truth, Oppression and Boredom in every dictionary.


Steal books and distribute them to strangers.


Organize a strike at your job or at your school.


Drop everything and go to the one place in the world that you have always wanted to go regardless of bullshit considerations and excuses.


Go to museums and sneak your own work into displays.


Run for every public election in your town


Give library cards to all of your friends as a gift.


Get all of your friends to go into Burger King, order water and take as many seats as possible for as long as possible, Do this everyday before lunch.


Change the time on every clock you encounter, at people's houses, in public places, etc.


Alter all of the street signs in your town/area with names of places in the world which are currently ini a state of war, scene of atrocity, or subject to violent oppression.


Write "THIS WILL BE YOUR DEATH" on every piece of money that passes through your hands.


On any first date, make it the mission to both get arrested for something stupid and embarrassing. Don't let your date in on this.


If you see people chasing pigeons, chase and pretend to kick them.


Laugh a lot more.


If you have something stupid to say, make sure it gets said loud.


Falsify invitations to art exhibitions and give them to homeless people.


Reinvent and make up new and exciting games.

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